SWING CONNEXION is part of BAILANDO LATINO’s dance school in Mauritius founded by Terence Girard  started in 2017.

This French of Mauritian origin begins dancing in couple (Latin and Ballroom) at the University of Strasbourg and continues his apprenticeship within private schools. He specializes today in Latin dances, Salsa and Bachata. Each year he continues to train with the best, going abroad two months a year.




Rock and Roll is an American music that arrives in the 1950s in France that makes Be-bop (descendant of Lindy-hop brought after the Second World War) evolves in a new way of dancing that ended up into Rock. It is a typically French style. Rock is danced on a very wide musical diversity including the Rock'n'Roll hits of the 50s but also on the rock pop songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as more "swing" or more recent music. There are several styles of rock: Boogie Woogie, Jive, Rock jump, acrobatic ... In France, the most common is 6-stroke rock.


I dance, therefore I am !!!

The dance is much more than physical activity, it's a real engine to see the good side of life, to feel alive, share and make beautiful encounters !!


Here are some good reasons to start dancing!


Dance is the social activity by excellence!

Dance is a good remedy for stress and depression!

Dance increases self-esteem!

Dance preserves and improves your health!

Dance improves balance and coordination and prevents dizziness!

Dance muscles your brain!

Dance slows down the aging process!

Dance makes your trips extraordinary!


More information read the article: Some good reasons to start dancing!





6 pm – 7pm Cuban Salsa for beginners

7 pm – 8 pm Bachata dance for beginners

8 pm – 9 pm Rock and Roll for beginners 


Annual subscription: Rs 500 

Monthly subscription with one chosen dance: Rs 700 

Monthly subscription with two chosen dances: Rs 1200 

Monthly subscription with three chosen dances: Rs 1700 


Dance instructor contact: