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Tamarin Arts Centre is a venue for artists to come together to share ideas and create works of art in a special and creative environment on the island of Mauritius. We envision The Tamarin Arts Centre becoming a catalyst for new ideas & creativity - a vibrant working space for local artists, art groups and members of the local community; a home for art events, art classes and lectures; a welcoming environment for tourists and visiting artists from abroad.

Our mission at Tamarin Arts Centre is to create a place where the local arts community can thrive and share their ideas and teachings. We also provide an environment within which the body can move, incorporating various dance and fitness programs, appealing to a wider audience.

We aim to most importantly :


a flourishing artistic community based in Rivière Noire.


the audience for arts and creative expression in Mauritius


interesting and innovative entertainment in all areas of the arts


education in the arts through classes & lectures


a home for creative movement, art and dance

Set Up

an exhibition and gallery space to showcase the works of painters, sculptors, craftspeople, photographers, filmmakers and video installation artists

​Tamarin Arts Centre is an inspiring journey into the world of art for the greater community of Mauritius where people from nearby and afar can be offered a vibrant space where they can be both entertained and educated. 



We are offering

at Tamarin Arts Centre a range of different classes and workshops taught by a number of professional teachers local and international.

Please refer to workshops and classes for more information on what we offer.


Would you like 

to go somewhere out of the cold damp winter where you can have a studio to make your art, live on or close to the beach?

Tamarin Arts Centre is a unique new venue for artists to come together to share ideas, become inspired, and make works of art.



ZoZo Banane

is a community arts project that will provide an exciting venue, for artists to come together in a creative atmosphere, share ideas and produce works of art. We will seek to provide a home for the burgeoning arts community in Tamarin Bay and Riviere Noire through the creation of a new arts centre.



The Tamarin Arts Centre

The Centre is located on the West coast of Mauritius.

The building is set up of 5 main buildings all been renovated from a site standing for 150 years adding to the ambience and appeal of an artist environment.

The centre offers a quiet secluded environment with plenty of internal and external space, great natural lighting, high ceilings and easy parking.

It is an ideal venue for studio space for local artists; a suitable venue for holding courses, classes & workshops in a variety of artistic disciplines and physical movement. A welcoming destination for overseas artists and tourists.



Leanda Brass

Leanda Brass is an internationally acclaimed artist who has had a number of high profile commissions throughout her career. In 2005 she was commissioned to work on the portrait of the The Queen of England in commemoration of her 80th Birthday. This piece was displayed in Westminster Palace and now resides in Balmoral Castle.


In 2007 Brass produced the designs for the sound art installations for the New York Aquarium and in 2008. She was asked to work with WRT design of New York, on The Philadelphia Arboretum.


Leanda has a unique technique of recording a large number of vocals based on seed syllables taken from Sanskrit, Sufism and Kaballah to produce inspiring and esoteric works of art. She has collaborated with many exceptional voice artists. In 1997 Brass partnered up with Liza Binford to co-create some outstanding pieces of work such as the Sonic Bath. 


She was asked by Masbro Japan to work on the ‘Sonic Bath’ - a crystal glass bath cast in one piece, resonating the yogic mantras in a layered format. Her true interest is to create compositions based on healing sounds taken from ancient cultures and religions, so Brass has therefore travelled extensively across the world to research and gather these sacred mantras.


Brass has made various television appearances, discussing sound sculpture and the merit of sound as a healing force. Leanda was one of the first artists in the world to successfully resonate sound through her glass sculpture to produce beautiful resonating works of art. These have been exhibited across Asia, Europe, Africa and The Americas and are today held mostly in private collections.


Brass has worked on designing and creating art studios in various countries; building thriving artistic communities and inspiring local artists by organising exhibitions and performances.



  • BEd (Hons) in Sculpture & the Arts, Redland College, Bristol University

  • 2-Year Post-Graduate in Performance Art & Ceramic Sculpture, San Francisco Art Institute

  • 2-Year Apprenticeship in Japan, 1-Year Apprenticeship in London, 1-year Apprenticeship in Italy.

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