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Have you ever thought

about making your ART on

a tropical island ?

Getting AWAY from the grey, cold of winter

and out into the SUN!

Would you like  to go somewhere out of the cold damp winter where you can have a studio to make your art, live on or close to the beach?

Tamarin Arts Centre is a UNIQUE NEW venue for artists to come together to share ideas, become inspired, and make works of art. It is a special and creative environment on the beautiful island of Mauritius, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

How do you fancy getting out of the fast pace of your daily life, for a couple of months, to find your rhythm, make art in your own studio to make art and live by the beach?

We will help you organise your trip and your stay, providing airport pick up, accommodation, and studio space.

We can also help with organizing car rental, the sourcing of arts materials and any other aspect of life on the island, with our in depth local knowledge and helpful staff.

Our aim is for you to be able to live within an affordable ʻartistsʼ budget whilst doing what you do best in the warm, hospitable and safe environment of this incredible, secluded tropical island.

The Art Centre

It is located on the West coast of Mauritius, five minutes from the beach. It is made up of five main buildings having been renovated from a site standing for 150 years.

The centre offers a quiet secluded, simple environment with plenty of internal and external space, great natural light, high ceilings and easy parking. It is a venue where courses, classes and workshops are held in a variety of artistic disciplines, and is a welcoming destination for artists coming from overseas.

For pricing and more informations, please contact Leanda BRASS via the contact form



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